24 Hour Fitness San Clemente CA

24 Hour Fitness San Clemente CA24 Hour Fitness San Clemente CA

Hi all, my name is Erin and I absolutely love exercising. Wait, erase that…I genuinely would like to love exercising. But I am busy and give up very easily once I get discouraged. Considering all the kids close by and the house chores that need to be carried out, I find it hard to try and do even a simple exercise in the house. Do you have this problem, too? There is no question with regard to the love and dedication I have for my family. However , there are times when they do hinder you from the things you want to do for yourself.

Anyhow, I still decided to enroll at YMCA many months ago. The monthly fee was reasonable and the gym equipment was excellent. Yet, I still could not really find the time to workout. The YMCA, much like a lot of gyms, really does not open until around 6 in the morning. During the summer on Saturdays and Sundays, I could not enter until noon. That was when it hit me – I was not putting my hard-earned money to good use! And I was no closer to my new healthy physique more than ever.

24 Hour Fitness San Clemente CA

That was when I heard about these 24-hour gyms from a best friend of mine. That was absolutely fantastic! I could go to the fitness center anytime I am absolutely free – day or night, sunrise or sunset, rain or shine. So, I got online and began searching around and located the 24-Hour Fitness Club.

I found a place in my town and checked it out the next day. My golly, I was so impressed! It had a pool, impressive workout equipment and all the bells and whistles including a sauna and day spa. And for busy moms like me, they even have an area, called Kid’s Club, where little ones could play while moms sweat it all out in the fitness center. Though the concept of dragging all the small children to a health club with me is a wee bit terrifying, I still it is great.

The lovely lady at the front desk was great, too. She showed my all around the fitness center and also introduced me to a handful of instructors. I signed up for 3 fitness sessions for $129. That really helped me get a good workout program that I could follow altogether.

24 Hour Fitness San Clemente CA

When I reached home, I called my sister and shared with her all about it. The gym she goes to feels more like a social club. She took me along to her gym once and service was more than just wonderful. But it appeared that people tend to hang out more than get into their fitness regime. I am not at all surprised that she is considering of giving the 24 Hour Fitness Club a try. I think she might be tired of paying something that amounts to a car loan every month basically to remain in her gym.

If you are planning to join health club, it is definitely worth giving this place a try. I decided for the member’s program of $89.99 a month. They do offer other fitness packages that cost less, but access to the sauna and lap pool are rather important to me. My spouse is thinking about signing up for the fitness-room-only package of $24.99 a month only. I am delighted that I am on a regular weight loss regime finally, my goal for getting back into shape is not a lost dream after all. :)

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