24 Hour Fitness Merced CA

24 Hour Fitness Merced CA24 Hour Fitness Merced CA

Hello there, call me Erin and I love to go to the gym. No, let me re-phrase that…I am so eager to get back into a exercise routine again. But I am occupied and throw in the towel very easily whenever I get discouraged. With all the little ones close by and the house duties that need to be carried out, I find it tough to perform just a basic exercise at home. Do you have the same dilemma? Do not get me wrong, I love my family – but kids, dogs and husbands simply just seem to get in the way sometimes.

So about 6 months back, I made a decision to bite the bullet and join YMCA. The monthly charge was reasonable and the fitness equipment was great. Yet, I still could not really find the time to workout. The YMCA, just like a lot of fitness gyms, actually does not open till around 6 in the morning. During the summer on Saturdays and Sundays, I could not go in until noon. I instantly came to the realization that I was throwing money down the drain every month. And not anywhere near my targetted body weight at all.

24 Hour Fitness Merced CA

Thank goodness my colleagues advised me about the health clubs that are open 24 hours a day. That was absolutely fantastic! I could go to the fitness center anytime I am absolutely free – day or night, dusk or dawn, rain or shine. So, I went online and started searching around and found the 24-Hour Fitness Club.

I found a location around my area and checked it out the very next day. Gosh, I was so happy! They have comprehensive gym equipment, a pool area, along with a sauna and health spa. There was even an area called the Kid’s Club where they could play while I exercised. Though the concept of dragging all the little ones to a health club with me is a little bit terrifying, I still it is great.

The lady who greeted me at the reception was very accommodating. She showed my around the fitness center and also introduced me to a number of coaches. I signed up for 3 personal training classes for $129. That definitely helped me receive a good workout program that I could follow altogether.

24 Hour Fitness Merced CA

I informed my sister exactly about it as soon as I got home. You see she is a member of the local workout center that is really more of a social scene than a work out center. She took me along to her gym once and center was more than just wonderful. The thing is, I have always sensed like it was more of a place to socialize. I am not at all surprised that she is thinking about giving the 24 Hour Fitness Club a try. Enormous monthly premiums is most likely taking a huge toll on her.

If you are planning to sign up for health club, it is definitely worth giving this one a try. I decided for the membership program of $89.99 a month. There was another cheaper choice but it did not give me the means to access the sauna and whirlpool, which was very important to me. My hubby is thinking about signing up for the fitness-room-only package of $24.99 a month only. I really like the tiered membership program and the equipment is great. I have finally got myself on a regular exercise routine, along with a few cheat days every now and then. :)

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