24 Hour Fitness Menifee CA

24 Hour Fitness Menifee CA24 Hour Fitness Menifee CA

Hi, call me Erin and I love to exercise. No, please let me re-word that…I am so eager to get back into a exercise plan again. However, just like a lot of people, I struggle with finding enough time and staying motivated. With all the kids around and the household duties that should be done, I find it tough to finish even a simple work out at home. Do you have this problem, too? Do not get me wrong, I adore my family – but children, pets and spouses simply seem to get in the way at times.

Anyhow, I still chose to enroll at YMCA several months ago. The features were outstanding and the bill every month was not bad. Yet, I still could not really find the time to workout. As with any fitness centers where I live, YMCA is closed during nighttime and does not open until morning of the following day. Worst, it does not open right up until noon throughout the weekends of the summer season. That was when it hit me – I was not putting my hard-earned money to good use! And nowhere around my targetted body weight whatsoever.

24 Hour Fitness Menifee CA

That was when I found out about these 24-hour health clubs from a friend of mine. That was absolutely terrific! I could go to the gym anytime I am free – day or night, sunrise or sunset, rain or shine. I quickly went online, searched the internet, and located the 24-Hour Fitness Club.

I found a location in my community and checked it out the very next day. I was completely blown away by the place. They have comprehensive exercise equipment, a swimming pool area, including a sauna and health spa. And for rather busy mommies just like me, they even have a room, called Kid’s Club, where little children could play while moms sweat it all out in the gym. Even though I do not exactly like the prospect of tagging my children with me to the gym, I still appreciate the idea that they do offer such a service.

The lady who greeted me at the counter was very helpful. She showed my all around the gym and even introduced me to a handful of trainers. They offered me three personal training classes for only $129. Considering the superb features and helpful staff around, it was a steal! That truly helped me receive a good training program that I could stick to altogether.

24 Hour Fitness Menifee CA

The minute I got home, I called my sister and shared with her all about it. You see she is a member of the local fitness center that is really more of a social scene than a health and fitness center. I have been to her gym before and the service was wonderful. But it seemed that people tend to socialize more than get into their fitness regimen. I am not at all surprised that she is considering of giving the 24 Hour Fitness Club a try. I think she might be sick and tired of paying something that amounts to a car loan every month basically to belong to her gym.

You should really check this place out if you are thinking about signing up for a gym. I eventually signed-up for a monthly membership program worth $89.99. There was another cheaper choice but it did not give me the means to access the sauna and whirlpool, which was essential for me. My husband is contemplating on signing up for the fitness-room-only package of $24.99 a month only. I am delighted that I am on a regular exercise program finally, my goal for getting back into shape is not a lost dream indeed. :)

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