24 Hour Fitness Mendocino CA

24 Hour Fitness Mendocino CA24 Hour Fitness Mendocino CA

Hello, I am Erin and I absolutely love exercising. Wait, scratch that…I genuinely want to enjoy exercising. But I am rather busy and give up very easily whenever I become frustrated. I have experimented with exercising at home but with all of the disturbances (kids), it is just quite impossible. Do you have the same dilemma? There is no doubt about the love and dedication I have for my family. But sometimes they generally do hinder you from what you need to do for yourself.

So about 6 months ago, I made the decision to bite the bullet and join YMCA. The regular monthly fee was reasonable and the gym equipment was excellent. The only concern was my availability. As with any fitness centers in our area, YMCA is not open during nighttime and does not open till breakfast of the following day. During the summer on Saturdays and Sundays, I really could not enter until noon. I instantly came to the realization that I was throwing hard-earned money down the drain month after month. And I was no closer to my new healthy physique more than ever.

24 Hour Fitness Mendocino CA

That was when I discovered these 24-hour fitness gyms from a close friend of mine. That was absolutely terrific! I could go to the fitness center anytime I am free – day or night, sunrise or sunset, rain or shine. So, I went online and started looking around and found the 24-Hour Fitness Club.

I found a location in my town and checked it out the very next day. Gosh, I was so impressed! It had lap pool, impressive workout equipment and all the bells and whistles including a sauna and day spa. There was even an area called the Kid’s Club where children could play while I worked out. Even though I do not exactly like the prospect of tagging my children with me to a health club, I still love the idea that they actually do offer such a service.

The lady at the counter was great, too. She gave me a tour around the gym and introduced me to a number of trainers that could help me plan my training session effectively. They offered me three fitness classes for only $129. Considering the outstanding facilities and friendly people around, it was a steal! I knew right then and there that I was on my way to achieving my fitness goals at long last.

24 Hour Fitness Mendocino CA

As soon as I reached home, I called my sister and shared with her all about it. The fitness center she goes to feels more like a social club. I have been to her fitness center before and the service was great. The thing is, I have always sensed like it was more of a place to socialize. In any case, even she is contemplating on trying the 24 Hour Fitness Club. Huge monthly premiums is probably taking a huge toll on her.

If you intend to join a fitness club, it is definitely worth giving this one a try. I opted for the membership program of $89.99 a month. There was another cheaper alternative but it did not give me the means to access the sauna and whirlpool, which was very important to me. In fact, my better half is enrolling for a basic fitness program for only $29.99 a month. I really like the tiered membership program and the equipment is fantastic. I have finally got myself on a regular training program, along with just a few cheat days here and there. :)

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