24 Hour Fitness King City CA

24 Hour Fitness King City CA24 Hour Fitness King City CA

Hello there, call me Erin and I love to go to the gym. No, allow me to re-word that…I am so desperate to get back into a fitness regimen once again. However, like a lot of individuals, I have trouble finding enough time and even staying committed. With all the little ones close by and the house duties that should be done, I find it hard to try and do even a basic work out at home. Do you have this problem, too? Do not get me wrong, I adore my family – but children, pets and husbands simply just seem to get in the way from time to time.

So about 6 months back, I decided to bite the bullet and join YMCA. The facilities were wonderful and the fee every month was not bad. The only problem was my availability. The YMCA, much like a lot of gyms, actually does not open till about 6 in the morning. Most disappointing, it does not open right up till noon throughout the Saturdays and Sundays of the summer season. I immediately came to the realization that I was throwing cash down the drain monthly. And nowhere near my targetted body weight whatsoever.

24 Hour Fitness King City CA

That was when I discovered these 24-hour fitness centres from a close friend of mine. I thought, “Wow! That looks like a good fit for me!” I could go to the gym anytime I am free – day or night, sunrise or sunset, rain or shine. So, I went online and began checking around and located the 24-Hour Fitness Club.

I found a place in my community and checked it out the very next day. I was absolutely blown away with the place. It had lap pool, awesome workout equipment and all the bells and whistles including a sauna and health spa. And for busy moms like me, they even have a room, called Kid’s Club, where children could play while moms sweat it all out in the fitness center. Although the concept of dragging all the little ones to a health club with me is a little bit scary, I still it is great.

The lady who welcomed me at the front desk was very accommodating. She showed my all around the gym and even introduced me to a handful of trainers. They offered me three personal training classes for only $129. Considering the superb facilities and helpful staff around, it was a steal! I knew right then and there that I was on my way to achieving my fitness goals at long last.

24 Hour Fitness King City CA

I told my sister exactly about it as soon as I got home. You see she is a member of the local gym that is really more of a social scene than a health and fitness center. She took me along to her fitness center once and center was more than just great. But it seemed that people have a tendency to hang out more than get into their fitness regime. In any case, even she is contemplating on trying the 24 Hour Fitness Club. I think she might be sick and tired of paying something that amounts to a car loan monthly basically to remain in her gym.

You should really check this place out if you are thinking about joining a gym. I eventually signed-up for a monthly membership program worth $89.99. There was another cheaper alternative but it did not give me access to the sauna and whirlpool, which was essential for me. In fact, my hubby is signing up for a standard fitness program for only $29.99 a month. I really like the tiered membership program and the equipment is great. I have finally got myself on a regular workout routine, along with just a few cheat days every now and then. :)

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