24 Hour Fitness Grass Valley CA

24 Hour Fitness Grass Valley CA24 Hour Fitness Grass Valley CA

Hi there, call me Erin and I really enjoy working out. No, please let me re-word that…I am so eager to get back into a fitness regimen once more. Unfortunately, similar to a lot of individuals, I struggle with finding enough time and staying enthusiastic. Considering all the children somewhere around and the house duties that should be carried out, I find it hard to perform even a simple exercise at home. Do you experience the same thing? There is no doubt with regard to the love and loyalty I do have for my family. However , there are occasions when they actually hamper you from the things you want to do for yourself.

So about 6 months ago, I decided to bite the bullet and join YMCA. The services were outstanding and the fee every month was not bad. Yet, I still could not really find the time to workout. The YMCA, just like a number of fitness gyms, does not open until about 6 in the morning. During the summer on Saturdays and Sundays, I really could not get in until noon. I instantly realized that I was throwing hard-earned money down the drain month after month. And nowhere around my targetted weight at all.

24 Hour Fitness Grass Valley CA

Luckily, my colleagues told me about the gyms that are open 24 hours a day. That was absolutely terrific! I could go to the fitness center anytime I am absolutely free – day or night, dusk or dawn, rain or shine. I quickly decided to go online, searched the online market place, and found the 24-Hour Fitness Club.

I was able to locate a branch in my locale and decided to go check the premises the next day. Gosh, I was so amazed! It had lap pool, awesome workout machine and all the bells and whistles including a sauna and health spa. There was even an area called the Kid’s Club where they could play while I worked out. Although the idea of dragging all the small children to the gym with me is a little bit scary, I still it is great.

The lady at the front desk was great, too. She showed my all around the fitness center and even introduced me to a handful of coaches. I enrolled in 3 fitness sessions for $129. That definitely helped me receive a good training program that I could stick to altogether.

24 Hour Fitness Grass Valley CA

When I reached home, I called my sister and shared with her all about it. The health club she goes to feels more like a social club. I have been to her fitness center before and the service was great. The thing is, I have always sensed like it was more of a place to socialize. In any case, even she is contemplating on trying the 24 Hour Fitness Club. Enormous monthly bills is probably taking a huge toll on her.

You should really check this place out if you are thinking about joining a gym. I eventually signed-up for a monthly membership program worth $89.99. There was another cheaper option but it did not give me access to the sauna and whirlpool, which was important for me. In fact, my husband is signing up for a basic fitness program for only $29.99 a month. I am thrilled that I am on a regular fitness regime now, my goal to get back into shape is not a lost dream indeed. :)

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