24 Hour Fitness Campbell CA

24 Hour Fitness Campbell CA24 Hour Fitness Campbell CA

Hey there, I am Erin and I love to hit the gym. No, permit me to re-word that…I am so desperate to get back into a workout regime again. Sadly, just like a lot of individuals, I have trouble finding enough time and staying enthusiastic. With all the little ones around and the house chores that need to be finished, I find it hard to perform just a basic work out in the house. Do you experience the same thing? Do not get me wrong, I adore my family – but kids, pets and partners just seem to get in the way occasionally.

Anyhow, I still chose to enroll at YMCA many months ago. The amenities were wonderful and the monthly fee was not bad. Yet, I still could not really find the time to workout. Like every fitness centers near my home, YMCA is closed during nighttime and does not open till breakfast of the following day. Most disappointing, it remains closed till noon throughout the Saturdays and Sundays of summer. I quickly came to the realization that I was throwing money down the drain every month. And nowhere around my targetted body weight in any way.

24 Hour Fitness Campbell CA

That was when I heard about these 24-hour fitness centres from a great friend of mine. I thought, “Wow! That looks like a good fit for me!” I could exercise late at night or in the wee hours of the morning when everyone else is sleeping. I quickly went online, scoured the world wide web, and located the 24-Hour Fitness Club.

I found a location in my town and checked it out the following day. My golly, I was so amazed! It had a pool, impressive workout equipment and all the bells and whistles including a sauna and spa. And for rather busy moms like me, they even have a room, called Kid’s Club, where boys and girls could play while moms sweat it all out in the fitness center. Though the thought of dragging all the small children to a health club with me is a little bit scary, I still like it.

The lady at the counter was great, too. She showed my all around the fitness center and also introduced me to a handful of trainers. I signed up for 3 personal training classes for $129. I knew immediately that I was on my way to achieving my fitness goals at long last.

24 Hour Fitness Campbell CA

I informed my sister exactly about it as soon as I got home. The fitness center she goes to feels more like a social club. She took me along to her fitness center once and facility was more than just wonderful. The thing is, I have always sensed like it was more of a place to socialize. I am not at all surprised that she is considering of giving the 24 Hour Fitness Club a shot. I think she might be tired of paying something that amounts to a car loan monthly basically to remain in her gym.

You should really check this place out if you are contemplating on signing up for a gym. I opted for the membership program of $89.99 a month. There was another cheaper alternative but it did not give me the means to access the sauna and whirlpool, which was a factor for me. My husband is thinking about signing up for the fitness-room-only package of $24.99 a month only. I am happy that I am on a regular workout regime finally, my goal for getting back into shape is not a lost dream after all. :)

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